Disaster Planning Workshop for African Museums
NAIROBI, KENYA 20th – 21st September 2018


The National Museums of Kenya in conjunction with the International Committee for Museum Security (ICMS) is organizing a 2 day workshop to discuss and develop disaster plan guidelines for African museums. This workshop will bring together 55 participants from East, West and Southern Africa to deliberate on necessary steps towards safeguarding museum collections, monuments and staff from adverse effects of natural events, climate change and other emergencies that result from human errors.

As the keepers of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, African museums have a duty and a unique responsibility of protecting and ensuring posterity of invaluable collections in their custody. In the unfortunate event of emergencies caused by fire, floods, thefts or acts of terrorism etc., most museum personnel in Africa would not know what to do since there are no disaster plans in place hence culminating to irreversible damage to collections, monuments and human life.

Goal and objectives of the workshop
The main goal of the proposed workshop is to ensure security for staff, public and cultural properties. The participants will be trained on risk identification, prevention, blocking and production of rescue plans, to come up with guidelines for drawing disaster plans, and forming disaster management teams.

Curators, collection managers, security officers, technicians, archivists and museum educators

The National Museums of Kenya will host this workshop at Corat Africa and Karen Blixen Museum.

The Workshop registration fees is 100 euros.

Grants application is now closed.



January 20, 2018